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Maldives 馬爾地夫 
an island nation located south-west of India in the Laccadive sea bordering the Indian ocean and Arabian sea
“the Maldives lay directly under the equator, resulting in year round sunny weather”
a country consisting of over 2000 islands that make up a total of 26 atolls

Much too vague an assertion is the “Paradise on Earth” for those planning to spend their much needed holiday in an archipelago that is home to 26 contrasting atolls consisting of over 1190 islands. While the obvious and major factors such as sun, sea and sand are what the Maldives have to offer, holidaying at a premium hurts for further research prior to realization.

對於想來渡假的旅人來說”地球上的天堂” 來形容有超過1190個島26個環礁的馬爾地夫是很模糊的定義. 當然陽光 沙灘 大海是馬爾地夫最主要的元素,但是當你想要個完美的假期那你還需要搜索更多的資訊


While the countless local and international brands of resorts, hotels and guest houses all strive for excellence in service offered, keeping in mind what you seek can help you make the right decision. Knowing where the best beaches are, best snorkeling atolls, dive sites, surf spots, romantic sandbanks, best over-water villas, best beach villas, etc. can have a major effect on the overall experience received.


Travel within the Maldives for over 10 years and one can’t help but notice the contrast in nature between one atoll and the other, the culture, the fauna, the beaches, the underwater wildlife and even the people and their lifestyles. Overwhelmingly abundant with choice is put mildly upon closer look at the available options in the Maldives. So explore and be informed of what is out there and what to look for.

在馬爾地夫各處遊玩了超過十年,可以分辨不同環礁不同島之間文化 植被 沙灘 海底生態 甚至居民和他們的生活方式.




Thank you, and hope you enjoy exploring.